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Amedeo Barbini

Don Mills Modern Residence

Offering a contemporary renovation on a 4500 square foot, two-and-a-half story home in the Don Mills area. The design encorporates open spaces with plenty of light, perfect for today's family lifestyle.


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 Ontario Home Builder's Association Award 2014

Ontario Home Builder Awards 2014

Green Builder and Sustainable Strategies Magazine Summer 2014

Globe and Mail Article July 2014

National Post Article February 2014

Better Builder Artivle Winter 2013

Amedeo Barbini

Living & Dining Area




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Amedeo Barbini

Foyer & Stairs




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Amedeo Barbini

Master Ensuite




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Amedeo Barbini

Green Building

This home has been evaluated as exceeding the Ontario Builder's Code 2012 by 26% under the Home Energy Rating System (HERS). 

Future Proof Label - Certificate of Evaluation

Energy Cost Savings Analysis

The best green features of a Barbini home will be encorporated into this complete renovation to enhance its aestehtic appeal and create a more sustainable living environment. These features include:

 1. Energy Monitoring System

A state-of-the-art energy monitoring system lets owners know their daily consumption of electricity and can help them to reduce costs by up to 20% through effective energy management. Owners can also add an alarm signaling the approach of peak loads and a device that counts greenhouse gas emissions to further support their desire to reduce resource consumption.


2. Higher Efficiency Window Systems

These windows are constructed of dual layers of advance LowE squared glazing filled with Argon gas that perform 6 - 10% more than the best ENERGY STAR rated windows. This superior performance protects furnishings and art from sun damage while minimizing condensation and delivering a higher level of comfort throughout the home.


3. Programmable Thermostat

Owners can save up to 10% on annual home heating and air conditioning expenses by setting their home's temperature to match their own schedule and comfort with the benefit of an ENERGY STAR rated programmable thermostat


4. Dual Flush Toilets

The dual controls on these toilets allow owners to regulate the amount of water in each flush - more for solid waste and less for liquid. Using the dual flush system has been proven to save over 25% of water consumption.

5. Insulating from the Ground Up

Underslab insulation on the basement level improves home comfort and can reduce heating costs by up to 20%.  Produced from recycled plastics and vegetable-based oils, the new underslab insulation products represent new environmental choices.

6. Garage Ceiling Insulation

Heat loss through garage ceilings make many homes less comfortable in cold weather. Spraying in polyurethane foam provides a greater volume of insulation than other methods while reaching and sealing all the nooks and crannies.  Using the proper insulation saves on heating costs and while increasing overall home comfort.


7. Sealing to Prevent Energy Leakage

With more than a hundred ways for air to leak out of a home, correct application of the appropriate products at each stage of building is critical to achieving the high levels of air tightness under the ENERGY STAR program. Employing polyurethane foam, acoustical sealant and high performance adhesive tape and accurately applying them ensures minimal air leakage in this home while saving on heating and cooling expenses.

8. Recovering Energy from Drain Water

Approximately one third of home heating costs originate from heating water and 90% of that energy goes down the drain. A Drain Water Heat Recovery System (DWHR) can recover up to 80% of the lost heat from a home's warm drain water.  By recycling it into usable thermal energy, a DWHR can reduce hot water heating costs by as much as 40%.

9. Recovering Energy from Air Exhaust

An Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) system recovers energy from both the heat and moisture in the used air being exhausted from a home. This system offers superior ventilation and humidity management resulting in a healthier living environment inside the home while making additional energy available for recycling.

10. Reducing Indoor Air Contaminants
Indoor air quality is further improved by the installation of a [xxxxx] (HEPA) system to control air contaminants inside that can often be two to three times worse than the air outside.

11. Heating Hot Water As Needed

Installing a Tankless Gas Water Heater (TGWH) allows owners to heat water only on demand so energy is never wasted on repeatedly heating a tank of water that may not be required. Compact and efficient, the TGWH eliminates cold showers while providing unlimited hot water for all your needs.


12. Water Conscious Landscape Design

Xeriscape design techniques focus on creating outdoor environments that don't require supplemental irrigation.  By selecting plants that are ideally suited to the local climate and incorporating water retention strategies on the property, xeriscape plans save water that would normally run off or evaporate.

13. Engineered Floor Systems

The engineered flooring product in use today provides much greater strength and design flexibility while consuming far less of our valuable forests. For owners who are conscious of their environmental footprint, engineered floor choices are the ideal choice.


Products supplied in this home:

Panasonic ventilation fans -

VanEE air exchanger and wall control -

General Aire filters -

AIRMAX hydronic heating system -

Honeywell humidifier and thermostat -

NTI boiler -

FLOWMAX tankless water heater -

American Standard air conditioner -

Toto toilets -

Inline Fiberglass windows -

Amberwood Doors -

Ginger's bath and kitchen products -

Laminam -

Amedeo Barbini


1315 Lawrence Ave East, Suite 211
Toronto, Ontario, M3A 3R3

Amedeo Barbini